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Protect your business or school today with surveillance solutions from LightBox Systems. We offer a full line of security plans and options suited to fit the needs of your business.

We don’t just sell packaged camera systems, though. At LightBox Systems, we consult with you to refine your requirements and figure out exactly what it is you’re looking for in a physical security solution. In addition, we’ll also examine the grounds and your working areas. After careful analysis, we’ll present options that not only meet your needs but go above and beyond your expectations to provide you the best in small business and education security.

Whether indoor or outdoor, we feature full HD and 4K IP camera systems with motion detection, optional two-way talk, and real-time notifications by email or text.

Our enterprise-class systems can scale from 1-1,000 cameras. With NVR and DVR capabilities as well as edge recording in the cameras themselves, your data will be safely kept and easily available for review and export in addition to having a real-time “live” feed.  Have questions? Contact us today!