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Networking Experts

The most advanced network solutions from industry-leading providers
LightBox Systems has partnered with the top networking hardware and software companies to ensure that we can offer the best solutions for your operation. Our team of highly certified consultants and architects can build reliable, scalable, and cost-effective networking infrastructure to fit any business.

Our world-class networking solutions benefit your organization through:

  • Cost savings and greater information sharing through unified voice, data and video networks
  • Decreased risk through consolidated, defense in-depth security solutions
  • Ubiquitous, secure high-speed access to support today’s content-rich environments
  • Easier access to information through gigabit wireless networks
  • Streamlined and secure data transfer between remote offices through best-practice network optimization


Is your network as fast and secure as it should be?

We can ensure fast speeds and comprehensive coverage and protection utilizing the latest and most highly reputed network equipment, security software, and design methods.

A sound, judiciously-maintained firewall is a must these days; you won’t have to worry about perimeter security with our outstanding managed firewall offerings!

Switches and Wirelesss

Your switches are the backbone of your network, but they are often deployed in a “set and forget” fashion, meaning they aren’t getting the software updates and optimizations needed to keep your network running at its full potential.

The same is true of your wireless network, especially in an age of smart phones and other mobile devices. We have excellent centrally-managed indoor and outdoor wireless systems you are sure to love!

Whether hard-wired or wireless, our solutions will give you rock-solid stability and rip-roaring speeds!