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No matter the system at hand, from inception through execution and beyond, LightBox Systems has a dedicated staff that will help you with:

  • Planning and Analysis
  • Project Management and Design
  • Implementation and Cutover
  • Maintenance and Support


Proactive hardware and software monitoring is what we do best. Servers, workstations, mobile devices, firewalls, switches, WiFi, or printers, it’s all the same to us. We offer preventative maintenance plans that include patch management (OS and third-party) and malware protection along with remote troubleshooting, repair, data recovery, and system optimization services.

What we are talking about here is total IT support. Seriously, you can call us for any IT problem.

You can think of us as your locally-outsourced IT staff, providing the value of multiple specialists for the price of a single generalist. We are well equipped and fully capable of monitoring, managing, and maintaining everything on your network.

You name it, we will do it — no devices dismissed, no lightboxes lorn.


Whether dealing with local or cloud-based servers and workstations, we have you covered thanks to our partnerships and experience with the top providers of enterprise-class hardware and cloud platforms.

We support all major operating systems and several of the leading user and device management solutions:

  • Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Active Directory, Office 365, and Google Admin
  • Chromebooks, Mobile Devices, and so much more!